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Connecting Lenawee Non-Motorized mobileLAB Open House

Wrapping up our Connecting Lenawee Non-Motorized mobileLAB with an Open House to discuss action items to make the county more bike and walk friendly.

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Ephraim Hears Latest on Redesign From livingLAB

Jamison Brown, livingLAB partner and landscape architect, explains the vision for a redesign of the 3.71 miles of the Hwy. This project is a direct result of the visioning completed in 2014 for the Village. The redesign on the Highway will result in a more walkable, bikeable, organized and beautifi

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Protected Bike Lanes in Detroit

Protected bike lanes in Detroit brought to you by livingLAB for Jefferson East, Inc. and *all* cyclists in the city! Read more about protected bike lanes

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Michigan Recreation and Park Association Trails Summit

Courtney Piotrowski, landscape architect and partner at livingLAB, spoke about trails and wayfinding at the Michigan Recreation and Park Association Trails Summit.

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Bike Lanes on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit? We hope so!

livingLAB has begun working with Jefferson East, Inc. and the Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative to work with stakeholders on a design for bike lanes along Jefferson  Avenue from Lakewood to West Grand Boulevard. Our work will also include a design to better connect Jefferson to the Conner Cr

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Bike Wayfinding in Detroit

Tour de Troit and the Detroit Greenways Coalition (and livingLAB too!) are working on a bike wayfinding design guide for the City of Detroit. The project includes design of a pilot wayfinding project in southwest D.

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26-Mile Detroit Inner Circle Greenway getting closer to reality

livingLAB is working with our friends at SmithGroup JJR, the City of Detroit and the Detroit Greenways Coalition to develop a concept plan and TIGER grant application for the 26-mile Inner Circle Greenway. The grant will seek planning/design funds to keep the momentum going, including 8 miles of tra

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Jamison Brown Speaks at APBP National Conference

Interested in learning more about how bike culture adds economic benefit to communities? In Boulder, Colorado this September? If so, come to the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, Inc. Annual Conference to hear livingLABer Jamison Brown present during this awesome session. He'

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Hamtramck Making Big (No-Mo) Plans for 2013

We can't wait to get started updating the City of Hamtramck bike lane/non-motorized plan. The good folks at the City have a goal of completing construction of the citywide network next fall. Let's do this!

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Bike Share in the City? Yes, Here in the D.

Couldn't be more excited! livingLAB will be working together with ALTA Planning + Design on the Wayne State University led Bike Share Feasibility Study for the City of Detroit this winter. Keep up with the project by following us here, on Facebook, linkedIN or twitter.

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