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gainsboro park

Gainsboro Park is a linear greenspace that flanks the Canadian National Railway along the eastern edge of the City of Pleasant Ridge.  Although the park stretches for nearly half a mile, it remains an underutilized gem for residents of the community.  The park is so important to residents that in 2014 they voted to approve a millage that would fund the redevelopment of Gainsboro Park.  As a part of the park redevelopment process, the City partnered with livingLAB to facilitate a robust community engagement, public visioning, and park master plan design as part of a week long mobileLAB process.

livingLAB immersed themselves in the community and worked with City leaders to direct a number of community visioning activities including an Idea Quilt, Walking Tours of the park, and a Prioritization Pit Stop.  The result after a week of concentrated public engagement and plan alternatives was the development of a conceptual master plan for Gainsboro Park that reflects the resident’s vision for their prized park.  Construction complete fall 2016.

  • Client: City of Pleasant Ridge
  • Location: Pleasant Ridge, Michigan