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Input Gathered for Eliza Howell Park Concept Plan at Brightmoor Days in Northwest Detroit

To inform our planning process, livingLAB attended Brightmoor Days, a community celebration held in Eliza Howell Park, on Saturday May 19 to gather input from the community about their hopes for the park.  We are working with the inspiring and creative folks at Sidewalk Detroit, who have been pivotal in advancing arts programming in the park and spearheading the visioning process for this 250-acre gem in northwest Detroit.  livingLAB is combining input from the residents of the community with best practices for stormwater management and habitat restoration.  The long term vision for the park is coming into focus including amenities such as picnic pavilions, a soccer field, a ballfield, restrooms, a playground, mulch and limestone trails, seating, signage, art, and gathering spaces.  These amenities will be interspersed with native prairies, natural woodlands, and a site-wide system of green infrastructure including rain gardens and wetlands to help mitigate areas of flooding throughout the park.  The planned Rouge Greenway regional trail system will connect the south portion of the park to the north (from Rouge Park to 8 Mile) traversing through a more connected Eliza Howell Park.

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