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Lauren Hoffman, Certified Ecologist!

Congratulations to our own Lauren Hoffman, who just received her Certified Ecologist designation from the Ecological Society of America (ESA). ESA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of scientists founded in 1915 to promote ecological science by improving communication among ecologists, raise the public’s level of awareness of the importance of ecological science, increase the resources available for the conduct of ecological science, and ensure the appropriate use of ecological science in environmental decision making by enhancing communication between the ecological community and policy-makers.

Ecology is the scientific discipline that is concerned with the relationships between organisms and their past, present, and future environments. These relationships include physiological responses of individuals, structure and dynamics of populations, interactions among species, organization of biological communities, and processing of energy and matter in ecosystems. ESA’s over 9,000 members conduct research, teach, and use ecological science to address environmental issues that include biotechnology, natural resource management, ecological restoration, ozone depletion and global climate change, ecosystem management, species extinction and loss of biological diversity, habitat alteration and destruction, and sustainable ecological systems.
Becoming a Certified Ecologist requires successful completion of a master’s or higher degree in ecology or a related science from an accredited college or university, at least two years of full-time equivalent professional experience after degree, and demonstration of ability to perform professional work in ecology such as independent studies, complex data analyses, and formulation and testing of hypotheses, which must follow completion of the education requirement.

livingLAB’s commitment to integrating principles of sustainability into every design decision make this Certification just another factor to differentiate us and highlight our dedication to the triple bottom line.

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