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livingLAB Enters “Let’s Save Michigan” Contest

We got our creative juices going and submitted our ideas for the Let’s Save Michigan Highways to Habitats Contest! They were looking for transportation solutions to support healthier communities. livingLAB submitted “The Detroit LID! Connecting Downtown and Midtown”.

There’s an opportunity to REALLY connect these areas of the City and re-establish it as a cohesive neighborhood! Currently, the I-75 Freeway is a considerable concrete barrier to connectivity, particularly to pedestrians and bicyclists – a forbidding moat of noise, fumes and desolation. The Detroit LID! proposes to build overtop the section of I-75 from Cass to Brush (for a distance of 0.4 miles), creating valuable real estate in the heart of the City and opening the door to some exciting possibilities that will benefit everyone – those on foot, in cars, in buses, in streetcars, on bikes – residents, visitors, tourists, business owners, developers, the city, and sports team owners alike.

The judges are deliberating on the submittals as we speak! Stay tuned to hear if the Detroit LID! proposal gets the thumbs up and if the Green Garage get a new bike from Detroit Bikes (the award for the winning proposal).

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