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pewabic pottery- campus master plan

Pewabic Pottery is a well-known and loved institution in Detroit. Pewabic has been creating and sharing their art since it was founded in 1903 and have been a centerpiece in the cultural fabric of Detroit for over 115 years! To maintain and share their artistic legacy with all those who visit from far and wide, Pewabic Pottery realized that they must establish a long-term campus master plan to capitalize on their strengths, enhance their growth, and maintain their founder’s spirit that drives Pewabic today.

In partnership with McIntosh Poris Architects, livingLAB collaboratively worked with the Pewabic Trustees and Steering Committee, faculty, and staff to explore their current and long-term goals for their Campus. Through strategic planning, design iterations, and discussions, the design team developed a master plan that presented creative and detailed solutions to many, if not all, of Pewabic’s goals.

livingLAB focused on exterior solutions to help seamlessly connect existing and proposed buildings to the entire site and surrounding areas. Addressing program elements such as exterior educational and public space, stormwater management, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, art gardens and courtyards, event space, shipping and receiving access, and connectivity were a priority. The goal was to design a Campus Master Plan that feels cohesive and fluid throughout.

Using the Master Plan as their blueprint, Pewabic Pottery is ready to take the first step into another century of artistic education, inclusion and stewardship.

  • Date : November 5, 2019