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Vernal Ponds, Prairies, Trails+More Coming to Detroit’s Eliza Howell Park

Congratulations to Sidewalk Detroit for securing funding from a number of sources including the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation: Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund for work in Detroit’s Eliza Howell Park in northwest Detroit. The Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund is a public-private partnership that strengthens regional resilience by installing green infrastructure, reducing the impact of stormwater and improving water quality. The Eliza Howell Park project, slated for construction in 2020, will focus on invasive species management and restoration in the northern portion of the park. Restoration will include converting mowed lawn areas to upland and wet prairie habitat. The project will also include crushed limestone pathways, no-mow delineators and arts, culture and environmental educational programs to enhance accessibility and usability of the park.

livingLAB is very excited to be working with our friends at Sidewalk Detroit, OHM and Natural Community Services on this project.

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