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ROHS Students Learn About Landscape Architecture and Stormwater Management

Jason Macdonald virtually joined Mr. Barnett and his Environmental Science students at Royal Oak High School to field questions and speak with them about the profession of Landscape Architecture. Specifically, about stormwater management in the urban environment.

It is very encouraging to see that students are being taught at a young age the importance of urban stormwater run-off management – also known as Green Infrastructure. They have learned that developing a stormwater management plan in the early stages of any project is a smart way to ensure that specific measures are being implemented to help protect our Great Lakes and Inland waterways, ease the burden on our aging municipal sewer infrastructure, reduce ongoing utility improvements and maintenance costs, as well as dozens of other valuable benefits.

It’s important that stormwater management is a top priority- not an afterthought- for any development or improvement project, large or small.”

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