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bagley shared street design

Bagley Shared Street, completed in 2020, was designed with a vision of supporting festivals and community events for area restaurants and businesses on a walkable, bike-friendly commercial street. The design includes a flush street condition without a traditional raised sidewalk. The street transforms into a plaza providing more flexibility for community events, festivals and street sales by local businesses with significant landscape improvements, upgraded street lighting, decorative festoon lights, banners and public art.


livingLAB led the design of the overall street layout and concept, as well as landscape, lighting concept, amenities development and paver design. Given this is the first shared street of its type in the City, every decision was worked through with City Planning, DPW and Engineering to ensure the outcomes were safe, beautiful, sustainable and maintainable. The project also included significant engagement with residents and business owners to ensure the design reflected the rich cultural heritage of the area and a strong connection to the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge and neighborhood.

  • Client: WSP, City of Detroit
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan