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grandmont rosedale grand river workplace “green parking lot”

The Grand River WorkPlace “Green Parking Lot” project is the transformation of a vacant lot into a much-needed parking area, and usable a gathering space for the tenants at the WorkPlace.

From the beginning, the goals of the project were to create additional parking and a comfortable gathering area for the tenants. But, equally important was to incorporate sustainable, green infrastructure stormwater management solutions into the design.

For their commitment to implementing alternative stormwater design solutions and “placemaking” amenities into what was otherwise a standard parking lot development project, the owner (Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation) was awarded funding from the Kresge Foundation to support the construction of something that aligned with their goals of fostering green, healthy, and active neighborhoods.

The comprehensive design features an outdoor seating area for the tenants, defined and comfortable pedestrian access, landscape screening, entrance signage and fencing; and most importantly, permeable pavement parking areas which capture stormwater runoff from the paved drive lanes and disconnected building downspouts before ever reaching the City’s combined sewer system.

livingLAB led the project for the client starting with stakeholder engagement and conceptual design, and continued managing the project through to construction documentation and construction observation and administration.  The project was completed in June, 2016.

  • Client: Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan