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mdot bike-ped committee facilitation

livingLAB staff are working closely with the Michigan Department of Transportation Region Planners in the Grand, Bay, and North Regions to set up, organize, and facilitate regional pedestrian and bike committees.  Each regional committee consists of pedestrian and bicycle advocates and transportation leaders that meet on a quarterly basis to:
-Discuss education, encouragement, engineering, evaluation, enforcement and planning issues;
-Learn from each other and support each other’s efforts; and
-Build relationships and partnerships.

These meetings are a venue to identify issues and become more knowledgeable of each other’s planning, design, engineering, and funding processes in order to enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility for improved quality of life in our communities.  livingLAB staff also established a website to serve as a repository for bike/ped resources, meeting announcements, and results:

  • Client: Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Location: MDOT Bay, Grand and North Regions