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livingLAB collaborated with LifeBUILDERS (a non-profit that has been working in the northeast part of the Detroit for many years)  to identify needs within a 16-block area of Detroit’s Regent Park neighborhood. The goals of the planning process were to advocate for the Regent Park neighborhood and influence the City’s larger G7 Framework Plan that was underway, to continue to evolve the approach for LifeBUILDERS to assist in stabilizing and improving the neighborhood and to develop recommendations that are supported by the neighborhood. The process included review of previous work and input from the neighborhood, discussions with a neighborhood Advisory Committee,  documenting and researching existing conditions, developing recommendations and associated graphics and strategizing on how to best move the recommendations forward. Recommendations varied from continuing boarding up/securing of open structures and funding an existing resident home improvement grant program to bringing summer programs to Bringard-Boulder Park and developing safe walking routes

  • Date : January 26, 2021